Friday, February 8, 2008

Back at Work

My apologies for the long hiatus!

Currently, both libraries compile with:

MSVC 2005
GCC 4 (Ubuntu)
GCC 4 (OS X)

If you have any questions about compilation or installation, please let me know (just in the comments of this post is fine, or e-mail me at rostovpack - at -

The Reflection documentation is incorrect - my next project. For examples of using reflection, I recommend looking the libs/reflection/test/ directory. The latest test is parameter_info_test.cpp, which allows you to store information about the arguments in a reflected function (for instance, names of the parameters). I haven't yet written in the code to actually retrieve this information, but it should be finished soon.

If you see any compilation errors or warnings, please let me know.

Current work:

1 - Integrate the new Boost.Function/Factory functionality into Boost.Extension.
2 - Update Reflection documentation and examples.
3 - Uses for the parameter_info.

Any feature requests?

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