Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Latest Release - Downloadable

I've packaged together the latest stable release:


It contains the tests, examples, documentation and headers. It also contains the other Boost libraries that these depend on. Most of the other libraries are used by the examples, but not required for using the headers.

To use the library in your project, just add the root of the extracted directory to your include path (ie, /home/me/downloads/extension-reflection).

If you want to make sure that the tests pass on your system, you will need bjam - see boost.org. Then run the test_redist.sh script. If bjam is not in your path, you'll need to set the variable BOOST_BJAM_PATH. You can also set BOOST_BJAM_OPTIONS if needed.

I'll provide a Windows .bat file in the next release.

For the documentation, I've only updated the Extension reference section. The docs are at extension-reflection/libs/extension/doc/html/index.html in the redistributable. I'll post the latest docs up on this site once I've fixed some of the tutorials.

Feel free to let me know if you have trouble getting the redistributable to work on a given system - it is a work in progress.

Also, it can take a little bit of setup to use Extension without Bjam. If you've worked it out for your compiler/OS, feel free to send me your instructions and I'll try to post them with the documentation.


Boris said...


is the snapshot you provided for the latest release complete? I ask as I can't find shared_library::call for example (which is mentioned in the 2nd tutorial). The file boost/extension/registry.hpp is also empty (it's included in an example; that's how I found it as it's not mentioned in the reference)?


Jeremy Pack said...

Subversion, and the documentation, are often a few days ahead of the source posted here. Sorry about that!

I have updated it today though with the latest, so it should now have the functions you couldn't find.

If you want to stay completely up to date with the latest changes, it might be easier to use Subversion to sync to the Boost Sandbox.

Also, registry.hpp is now empty because it is deprecated. The files referencing it will be removed or modified.