Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Downloading the Libraries

As I've mentioned before, the easiest way to get these libraries and stay up to date, is to get them from the Boost Sandbox. However, the latest version of the libraries is also available here:

Extension/Reflection tar.gz file

This archive also contains each of the Boost libraries used by the Extension or Reflection library, or by the examples.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Reflection/Extension interoperability

I've posted one single page of the Reflection docs - an example of reflecting classes that are located in shared libraries, using the Extension library. Since this is perhaps the most common use case for the library, I figured I'd post it even before the rest of the docs were done:

Boost.Extension/Boost.Reflection interoperability

Friday, February 8, 2008

Docs Posted for Boost.Extension

I've posted the docs for Boost.Extension at:

Boost.Extension Documentation

Almost half of the doc material was written by Mariano, the rest by myself.

Boost.Reflection docs will be posted as soon as they are completed.

Back at Work

My apologies for the long hiatus!

Currently, both libraries compile with:

MSVC 2005
GCC 4 (Ubuntu)
GCC 4 (OS X)

If you have any questions about compilation or installation, please let me know (just in the comments of this post is fine, or e-mail me at rostovpack - at - gmail.com.

The Reflection documentation is incorrect - my next project. For examples of using reflection, I recommend looking the libs/reflection/test/ directory. The latest test is parameter_info_test.cpp, which allows you to store information about the arguments in a reflected function (for instance, names of the parameters). I haven't yet written in the code to actually retrieve this information, but it should be finished soon.

If you see any compilation errors or warnings, please let me know.

Current work:

1 - Integrate the new Boost.Function/Factory functionality into Boost.Extension.
2 - Update Reflection documentation and examples.
3 - Uses for the parameter_info.

Any feature requests?